Our Doggie doors for sliding glass doors are class leading doors. 


We offer a 10 year warranty and our PatioLockTM doors offer you lots of unique benefits and features including: 

     - Security with NO screwing; NO drilling; No cutting; No handy skills!

     - Locks common sliding door locks that have hook/s that ROTATE out of the door handle.

     - Locks upward and downward rotating hooks

     - Locks both single opening and double opening sliding doors (ie., two doors that open away from each other)! 

     - Fast & Easy installation. 

     - No extra installation costs (saves $200+). 

     - Heavy Duty Frame & Construction: Proper sliding door frame used. The Medium PatioLock system weighs approx 18kg, which

        would be 3x (or more) the weight of inserts from Hardwares and Pet Stores! 

     - Fast & Easy removal without damage/screws/tools/inconvenience. Great for holidays/parties/moving/XL doors. 

     - No need for crude rods in tracks to wedge the sliding door against the pet door.

     - No need to purchase and install extra lock hardware and contraptions (e.g., patio bolts that require tools/drilling/skills/costs).

     - No damage and screw holes in the: sliding door, sliding door frame and pet door =  great for renters!

     - The only security system that can be used at multiple properties because it's totally adjustable - great for renters!

     - Utilises security features of existing locks.

     - Allows for keyed entry through the sliding door because the existing locks are used so the key lock will work!

     - Our Patented Adjustable Security/Screen Door Adapter (patent pending) requires no cutting! 

     - Our Patented Adjustable Security Adapter is the only multi-use adapter - no need to buy another if you move- great for


     - The Adjustable Security Adapter has a unique weather and bug seal system to maximise insect and weather proofing.

     - You can also lock the security screen as well if you transfer the catcher/s (this step involves screwing into the adapter).

     - Sliding door will lock immediately after the pet door is removed- no need to relocate catchers (tools, skills, time)    

     - Aesthetically pleasing - designed to mirror sliding door lock hardware.

     - PatioLockTM system is Made in Australia (18 businesses are involved in manufacturing this system!).

     - Pile seal for flap

     - 5mm toughened safety glass pane above the flap

     - Magnetised flap

     - Steel powder coated panel to the lock flap

     - Weather seals for sliding door system included

     - Class leading 10 year warranty

     - Four colours

     - Four flap sizes

     - Our XL is one of the biggest commercial flaps in the world. HUGE dogs also need pet doors! :)

     - Pet doors goes from 199-211cm. Extension kits available to extend the pet doors taller for non-std doors.