Our PatioLockTM pet door inserts offer the Ultimate in Security and Convenience and are class leading doors. Customise your setup to suit your needs. 


1. Pet Door Size & Colour Selection:

The dog door fits inside the glass door track and up against the wall frame. It's stationary. The glass door opens & closes against it.

Check your sliding door height falls within the 199-211cm height range outlined below this section. Then select the flap size to suit your pet & Colour of the pet door (Primrose, Black, White, Silver-Grey) when you click on the pet door item. 


2. General Security & Screen Door Adapter:

You will be happier if you buy a Screen Door Adapter (Adjustable or Non-adjustable) during checkout if any of the following are important to you:

  • Security (conceals sliding door frame = pry resistant).
  • Weather Sealing
  • Looks: Creates seamless joins and hides gaps
  • Use of Fly / Security Screen Door to let air in without all the insects!    


Most customers buy our patent pending Adjustable Adapter for convenience and ease of use but you have a choice: 

 1.  Adjustable Screen Door Adapter = No cutting, Reusable, Best Weather Seals. Easy Installation/removal, No handy skills!

 2. Non-Adjustable Adapter =  Cutting, Handy skills, Hack/power saw, Single use, Tricky installation/removal.


How easy is the Screen Door Adapter to fit? Check out the video below:

NOTE the adapter is NOT just for security screen doors, its main purpose is to conceal the sliding glass door (like your wall frame). This prevents prying risk, hides gaps, seals better and forms a seamless join which looks great. The second function is that it also allows the screen door to be used as well as the glass door, so both doors will close into the pet door frame. 


3. Do you want to LOCK the glass door with NO Screwing!

ADD the corresponding PatioLockTM set that suits your sliding door to your order during checkout if you want to lock your glass door with:

  • No Screwing!
  • No Cutting!
  • No Drilling!
  • No Handy Skills!
  • Want to be able to re-use the system at multiple properties AND get Security (eg., renters).


Scroll down the page to for the Lock type checking guide. Any questions, email us or send pics via email of your locks :)

We recommend buying the adjustable screen door adapter with the lockset at checkout to enhance security and function.

Want to see the Single Hook PatioLockTM set in action? Look at the video below:


What if I am not bothered about handy skills and/or Security?

If you are handy &/or a homeowner you can buy the Pet Door with either Adapter (no need to buy the locks).

However, in order to lock the glass door the lock mechanism needs to be transferred from the wall frame onto the Adapter, which entails screwing, drilling, cutting, and leaving holes in the sliding door and pet door.

Alternatively, a patio-bolt (screwing & drilling and tools needed) or a rod in the floor track can be cut and used to wedge the glass door against the pet door.



How to CHECK your sliding door lock compatibility before ordering: 

Open your sliding door handle and CHECK if it has ONE or TWO hooks that ROTATE from the handle into a catch plate on the wall/frame. REFER pics below:


Are some locks not suitable?

Locks with hooks/tabs that do not rotate and mechanisms that mount/lock within the sliding door frame are not compatible:


CHECK your wall frame is 10cm deep (from inside house to outside house) or LESS:



How to measure your sliding door height before you order:  


 Please CHECK your sliding door height measurements below before ordering: 

a. From the inside bottom of the floor track to the LOWEST edge of the top track = 199cm or more.

b. From the very inside bottom of the floor track to the very inside TOP of the top track = 211cm or less. 



Are handy skills needed to install the PatioLockTM sets?

No handy skills are required but a rubber mallet is needed to fit the Screen Door Adapter Accessory (recommended).


CHECKLIST SUMMARY before ordering:

1. Height: Check your sliding door falls between the 199-211cm guidelines. 

2. Lock: If buying the PatioLock sets, note if your glass door handle has one or two hooks that ROTATE from the handle.  

3. Wall frame: Up to 10cm deep is ok (note: stacker/multiple/timber sliding doors have deeper frames & won't work with adapter).