Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

I don't have a screen door so do I need to buy the Screen Door Adapter?

Usually, yes. The main function of the Adapter is security- it creates a channel for the glass door to close in to which makes it much more secure (no prying risk). It also enhances weather / bug proofing and aesthetics.  


Does it matter if my doors open to the left or to the right?

No, the systems are universal re opening direction.   


What if I have two sliding doors that close together- will it fit?

The pet door will work if you height is within the 199-211cm guidelines. The video near the bottom of this FAQ page shows a door inserted in to double doors. 

However, there are a few things to be aware of with twin doors:

1. The original lock mechanisms will NOT transfer onto a Screen Door Adapter like they do on single glass sliding doors. So, the only and easiest way to lock double doors using the existing locks is with the PatioLockTM system.

1.1 If the PatioLockTM system is not purchased, alternate options involve screwing & drilling fitting patiobolts (key operated pins from Hard Wares) or a rod cut and dropped in the floor track behind the sliding door (a rod is included with the pet door for this purpose). Note rods in tracks are pretty crude and can be inconvenient to many.

2. The security screen doors (if there) won't lock together with a pet door fitted to allow the flap to swing, so you lose the 'security' function of your security screen doors. However, if you buy an adapter you can often transfer the locks for the left security door into the adapter and with the PatioLockTM kit, you can keep using the left door (usually) as the security door. 

3. In order to use one screen door as an insect door (ie., to let air in without letting mosquitoes/flies in), a Screen Door Adapter is needed. If you want to use both screen doors, then two Screen Door Adapters are needed.


Will the PatioLockTM kit work on every type of sliding door lock?

The PatioLockTM will work with common externally mounted sliding door handle lock mechanisms that have a hook/s that ROTATE out from the sliding door handle and lock into a catch plate on the wall frame.

Locks that do not have a rotating hook/s or that consist of internal mechanisms located inside the centre of the aluminium/timber door frames are not compatible with the PatioLockTM system. If this is the case check the internal lock info below. 

If you are not sure what type of lock you have or you think you may have an internal style lock, take a picture of the mechanism and email it through to us before you order to clarify lock compatibility.  


What if I have internal locks - what options do I have?

The Base Model Pet Door with a screen door adapter can still work but you would need to use a patiobolt or rod in the floor track to lock/wedge the sliding door into the pet door OR you may be able to transfer the existing catcher into the adapter if the distance from the centre of the screw to the inside edge of the channel the glass door closes into is between 8-12mm refer picture below for measurement guideline. This requires handy skills and screwing etc to transfer the catcher.



What is the difference between the PatioLockTM model & and all other inserts? 

PatioLockTM system: Locks GLASS door with: No screwing/drilling/cutting. No handy skills/fees. Multiple-use (adjustable). No extra hardware. Easy installation & removal. No screw holes left in pet door or sliding door. The Adjustable Screen Door Adapter means no cutting! You can also keep using the Adjustable Adapter when you move house. 


Our Base Model & other Pet Doors: To lock using existing locks requires: cutting; drilling; screwing; tools; handy skills; hardware to lock GLASS door; handyman fees $200; takes 3+ hours to setup; tricky removal & re-installation; screen door adapter requires cutting & thus is single-use (non-adjustable). NOTE: Unlike our Base Model and Screen Door Adapter package, pet doors at hardwares and most pet shops do not have a Screen Door Adapter accessory, so you cannot lock them using the existing locks! 




Should I buy the PatioLockTM Model or the Base Model?

Click here to see a comparison table of features and benefits or keep reading: 

If you are renting and/or not handy and/or time poor and/or prefer fast convenient installation/removal and/or have double sliding doors, then the PatioLockTM system is recommended.

The extra outlay for the locks is less than half the cost of installation charges to fit a pet door and adapter as it takes about 3 hours to do properly. You can also keep re-using the PatioLockTM model at multiple properties so it really does offer the ultimate in security and convenience. 

If however, you have free access to someone handy and you are a home owner so screwing into the sliding door frame etc to secure the pet door is not a concern and you are also not planning on moving home and you have 3+ hours to spare, then the Base Model Pet Door with a Screen Door Adapter will lock the glass door securely. It needs to be disassembled though in order to be removed.  


How does the Pet Door secure into the wall frame when transferring locks onto a Screen Door Adapter?

Hardware is included to fix the pet door into the wall frame (door jamb). We also include pre-drilled holes inside the top panel of the pet door so it can be fixed up inside the top track for a second fixing point (tek screw included). 

You can see the bracket to secure the pet door in both the photos below. It is grey and on the right hand side of the pet door about half way up the door. These brackets are powder-coated the same colour as the pet door but the grey one was used to highlight it in the picture. The screw for the top panel is concealed up inside the top panel but pictures in the instructions are included.  



Will the pet door fit in the screen door track?

No. The pet door is a sliding glass door frame so it is usually too thick to fit into screen door tracks. If you want to be able to use your screen door, we recommend getting a screen door adapter. Security is greatly enhanced with the Screen Door Adapter fitted and locks for security screen doors can be transferred onto the adapter, so if you have the room in your door for a pet door then our system makes more sense as you are not leaving your glass door open to let the pet in/out like you do with pet doors fitted to screen doors! 


Will common external locks transfer on to the Screen Door Adapter?

Yes, locks for both the glass door and the screen/security door will transfer on to the Screen Adapter for locks that come out of the door handle. Please refer below to pic below as a reference for transferring common lock catch plates. Note it does not matter if your door opens to the left or right, the adapter fits on both sides of the pet door. 





What if my sliding door is taller than 2.1m?

We stopped making custom doors 6 years ago. However, we have extension kits for $60 each that extend the height from 213cm-240cm to suit MEDIUM and LARGE flap sizes only.

If you are not very handy, then buy a medium flap if you were looking at getting a small. If you want an XL flap you would need to buy two kits and cut and join them together.  

If your door is taller than 2.4m then you would need to buy addition kits. Each kit adds a maximum of 27cm to the pet door height. 

Please note handy skill and a drill-driver is needed to fit them. This option whilst involving a little tinkering is a cheap way out of getting a high quality pet door for 'tall' sliding doors compared to replacing the glass pane. 

If you would like to ORDER an extension kit, then please email us at sales@modernpetdoors.com.au and we can invoice you separately and then send it all out at once for you.


Will the pet door fit Timber sliding door system?

Yes the pet door on its own will work and butt up against the timber door. NOTE the Screen Door Adapter will NOT work because timber frames are too thick (38mm+). The PatioLockTM locks may also NOT work due to misalignment caused by the thicker timber frames. Handy skill and a cheap mod may be needed to fit the pet door with the PatioLockTM sets to timber doors. Email for more info.  


Can the pet door be behind the fixed panel of glass in the sliding door rather than at the door opening end?

Most customers who have tried this have found they can't slide/move the fixed panel to put the pet door insert behind it in the centre track. If you can freely move the fixed panel then this may be an option but check you can do it first. Note you still lose the same amount of opening space once the pet door is installed. Sealing the pet door with the fixed panel could also be a challenge because the screen door adapter won't fit there. 


What if I have more than one sliding glass panel (stacker doors)?

Stacker doors or multiple sliding glass door have unusually wide frames due to the extra sliding panels. The screen door adapter is only 100mm deep to suit standard (common) sliding door frames and thus the adapter will not extend far enough to capture the screen door.

The glass door can be locked if compatible with the PatioLockTM kits (providing the stacker doors are single glazed standard door frames that are thinner than 30mm).

If you want to be able to use your screen door then modification to the standard adapter is required. Any rubber/aluminium section (e.g., 100x3mm) can be riveted or glued to the rear of the adapter to extend it to reach the screen door. Alternatively, a section of 1.0mm thick galv sheetmetal can be cut and folded (e.g., 130mm x 20mm x adapter length) by a local sheet metal worker and riveted to the rear of the adapter to make it capture both the glass and screen doors. This can then be sprayed the same colour as the pet door with a spray can from a hard ware. Please check to make sure you frames are not wider than 100mm before ordering unless you are willing to do some tinkering above or utilise a local tradesman/shop (e.g., sheetmetal worker).  


What if I have double-glazed sliding doors?

Double-glazed sliding doors tend to have much thicker frames than common sliding doors and thus they often do not fit inside the screen door adapter and cause problems for the PatioLockTM system as well. In these cases, if you are not handy, getting the pet door on its own and using an alternate means of locking the sliding door is required (e.g., patiobolt, dowell in the track, etc).

Note the screen door will also not be able to be used unless the pet door is put in the screen door track. Please check to see if your doors are single or double glazed before ordering. If you are not sure, then just call 0431 908 929- generally double glazed frames are much thicker (e.g., thicker than 35mm).The channel in the adapter to capture the glass door is only 35mm wide, so your sliding door ideally needs to be thinner/less than approximately 33mm. 


What if my glass door is on the outside track and my screen door is on the inside track?

The PatiolockTM system will still work to lock the sliding door if the locks are compatible (common sliding door locks) but the Screen Door Adapter will NOT work with the PatioLockTM system when the glass door is in the outer track. We do not know why builders install them this way as it makes no sense.

If you buy the Base Model Pet Door with a Screen Door Adapter and you can remove the catch plate from the wall frame, then you can usually locate the pet door as far out as it will go in the outside track and run the adapter backwards into the house. Some modification of the adapter may be needed if the catch plate does not align, so handy skill and possible modifications are required with this set up.  


Will there be any gaps once the pet door is installed without an adapter?

Sliding door frames are typically ‘out of square’ by varying degrees. It is not noticeable with aluminium frames as the door closes in to a channel section that conceals how out of square the doorframe truly is.

If your doorframe is poorly constructed (not very square), there can be gaps between the pet door weather strip and the sliding door in some places (e.g., top or bottom of the sliding door). it is rare bute some doorframes are so out of square that a second weather strip is needed to pack out the gap. We include extra weather seal for this purpose but soft foam strips (e.g., 6mm wide x 10mm thick) can be bought from hardware stores for around $6, which work well (often only a strip of about 10-40cm is needed).


What is the overall width of the pet doors?

Small = 26.2cm

Medium = 32.2cm

Large = 37.2cm

Extra Large = 49.2cm


What if I want a custom colour?

Sorry, we no longer do custom colours due to high one-off costs.


Can the flap be locked to keep the pet in/out?  

Yes, each doggie door for sliding doors comes with a steel powder coated locker panel to lock the pet in or out. 


Will the pet door fit tightly inside the wall frame?

Sliding door frames vary from 15-40+mm in width so patio pet doors tend to locate around the centre ridge in the floor track and they can move back and forth if pushed by some millimetres but this is not a functional problem because it is a stationary panel. 


What pet door best suits a main living area vs a laundry?  

Essentially, home owners and/or renters who are putting the pet door into a main living area tend to buy the PatioLockTM model if they do not want to drill, cut and screw; or the Base Model if they are handy and happy to leave holes in the frames.

The Adapter allows BOTH the glass and screen doors to lock and close into the pet door system. So, this maximises security and convenience as existing lock mechanisms are utilised and airflow can be let into the house without letting all the mosquitos and insects in.




What benefits will I get if I select the Screen Door Adapter at the checkout? 

Watch the clip below for an overview of the traditional Pet Door +/- a Screen Door Adapter: 


As noted, there are a number of extra features when the pet door is combined with the screen door adapter. 

If you are putting the pet door in a laundry door that you never see or use, then the pet door on its own is usually suffice unless you need to use your screen door for when the dryer is used (e.g., in winter) to prevent the room getting wet. The benefits of the screen door adapter accessory include:  

1. Functionality: If you want to continue to use your screen or security door for AIR FLOW in/out of your house then you will need the screen door adapter (note if you buy the pet door on its own, the screen door has to remain open for the flap to swing in and out of the house, which means it can no longer be used as flies/mosquitos will get through the gap between the pet door and the screen door if you open the sliding glass door). 

2. Security: If you want to continue to use your sliding door handle locking mechanism and screen/security door locks- The adapter copies the wall frame that your doors close in to on the wall, so transferring locks is possible using the base model or the PatioLockTM model locks are concealed behind the adapter so they are out of the way. You can not use your security or screen door without an adapter. 

3. Superior Weather Seal: -  gaps are hidden which improves weather seal and bug proofing capacity.

4. Aesthetics/Design/Looks: gaps are hidden which looks better, particularly in main living/entertainment areas.  


What doggie door for sliding doors should I buy if I am on a budget?

The Base Model Pet Door on its own is the cheapest option- you can use a rod (included) cut to length and dropped into the floor track behind the sliding door as a cost effective but crude way of locking the sliding door against the pet door.

The Screen Door Adapter Accessory can be added to the Pet Door to lock up your glass door AND screen door (if you have one) using your existing externally mounted common sliding door handle lock mechanisms. However, this requires handy skills, cutting, drilling and screwing and about 3 hours to install. It will also leave screw holes in the sliding door frame and pet door.

First, the pet door needs to be screwed into the sliding door frame (hardware included). The adapter then needs to be cut to length with a hacksaw to fit the specific door frame height. Then lock mechanisms need to be removed from the wall frame and relocated (screwing/drilling) on to the adapter. Note the adapter is needed for the catch plate to work as it needs to be offset past the pet door frame (ie., close to the sliding door handle). The base model takes our professional installers 3+ hours to fit.


What are the cons associated with Base Model Pet Door and Non-adjustable Screen Door Adapter?

To install it securely using the existing locks involves screwing, cutting, drilling, handy skills, and up to 3+ hours of time.

If you move or want to take the pet door out (e.g., holidays) then you will need to dismantle the system and the lock mechanisms will need to be transferred back onto the wall frame before the glass door will lock again. This involves tools, skills, time and screw holes will be left in the sliding door frame and pet door.  

All sliding door heights and lock mechanisms vary from house to house, so if you move and the next house has shorter door frames, you would need to buy another adapter. If you can reuse the original adapter, then the holes from the former locks will be visible and installation time will be similar.  

The basic set up cannot lock double doors using the existing sliding door locks.  

The video below is an older clip that explains the Base model (Max Security package) & Screen Door Adapter option: 


Who is best suited to buy the Pet Door only or one with an Adapter and no PatioLocks?

If you are on a tight budget and just want a pet door insert to put in the laundry and are happy to cut the rod in the pet door box (included) to wedge the sliding door against the pet door, then the pet door on its own is an affordable option. 

For those who know someone that is handy (and FREE in terms of time and money!), have tools and like tinkering and are not planning on moving house for a long time, then the pet door with an adapter (adj or non-adj) is a bit cheaper than the PatioLockTM model and will lock up the glass door and screen door (if you have one). 

Note if you wanted to make the pet door installation more secure by utilising the existing locks and to also minimise the risk of an intruder prying the doors apart, then the screen door adapter accessory is needed.  




What benefits does the PatioLockTM model have over other pet door inserts? 

The PatioLockTM model locks the glass door without screwing, drilling or cutting. It does not require handy skills/tools to lock up securely. It is fast and easy to install and once set up can be installed or removed in seconds. No holes are left in the sliding door or pet door. The system is fully adjustable so it can be reused at multiple properties.  

Conversely, traditional pet doors require cutting, drilling, screwing, tools and handy skills to lock using the existing locks on the sliding door. It takes approx. 3 hours to fit and cannot be removed or re-installed quickly or easily as disassembly is required. So, it is not an easy nor fast install or removal. Unless you order the adjustable adapter separately to the base model pet door, the adapter sold with the base model package requires cutting to length with a hacksaw and thus is usually single use only as every house has different height sliding doors. 


What is a summary of the PatioLockTM features as I didn't watch the video guide: 

If you want to be able to easily lock your sliding glass door without needing anyone to help and/or without the expense of a handyman ($200+) then the PatioLockTM system is for you. 

The PatioLockTM system is also great for renters/owners that want to be able to re-use the system in other doors/properties without needing to leave screw holes in sliding door frames and on the pet door and without the need to buy another adapter at the next property. Note every sliding door tends to be a different height and also has different lock locations and mechanisms. Fortunately, the PatioLockTM solves all these problems because you can re-use it without tools/screws/skills!  

If you have twin doors (two doors that open away from each other), then the PatioLockTM system is the ONLY pet door that will lock the glass doors easily and quickly using the existing locks. No other pet door can do this with twin doors because you cannot transfer the catch plate on to the Screen Door Adapter as per the base model method because the catch plate is part of the door handle on one of the doors. Thus it makes no sense to remove a door handle and this also leaves that door unlocked. The PatioLockTM system solves all these issues and there is also no need to use patiobolts (cost/skills/tools/drilling) or rod in tracks to try and lock the sliding doors against the pet door!  

If you are time poor and do not have a 3+ hours spare to fit the base model pet door with the screen door adapter that requires notching/cutting/screwing/tools/handy skills, then the PatioLockTM is a great solution.

If you are buying our XL pet door, then the PatioLockTM system is very helpful because you can quickly remove the pet door system in seconds to allow for instant human access through the sliding door. After which, you can pop the pet door back in and it will immediately lock to glass door again in seconds. When the pet door is out you can also immediately lock the glass door without having to relocate catch plates back on to the wall!   


We supply pet doors for sliding glass doors to most pet shops in South Australia, however, the pet door and non-adjustable adapter retail for $320-$500. You can now buy your temporary pet door directly from us from $229 through to the new PatioLockTM system from $399 and have it delivered FREE!* 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call 0431 908 929 or email sales@modernpetdoors.com.au 



 "A product that delivers as promised at an affordable price and it's easy to install. It'll be a blessing in winter with no longer needing to leave the sliding door open for my dog to go in and out during the day. I have already recommended it to family and friends. Thank you." Lisa, Hamilton QLD  

"This dog patio door is amazing, extremely secure and looks great! I'm so happy with my purchase it was definitely worth it. Now I can get rid of that horrible kitty litter from the house and my cat has freedom to come and go as he wishes, best of all my sleep will no longer be interrupted :)." Angela, Sunshine Vic  

"The pet door insert is as described and supplied, doing exactly what our family needed. No need for tradesmen or alterations to your home. Easy to install and remove, for a product that is totally relocatable. I have already recommended this product to friends, within a few days of installing." Stewart, Tapping WA  

"Received it quickly, easy to install and have our puppy loving it!" Mick, Pyremont NSW  


If you didn't watch the video at the top of the page, below is a written guide to help you decide whether you would want to select the 'Screen Door Adapter' option at the checkout.  

The Pet Door Only is the 2m tall insert/panel that usually only fits in the glass door track because it is too thick-framed to fit in typically narrow screen door tracks. Please note the screen door then needs to be left open once the pet door is in place to allow the flap to swing in and out of the house. So, once the pet door is fitted, the screen door is rendered useless because insects will fly into the house in the gap between the pet door and the screen door if you fully open the glass sliding door. So, the pet door only option is popular amongst those who: 

a. Don't care about using the screen door (if there is one) AND/OR  

b. Don't care about transferring the existing locks onto the pet door system but rather are happy to use a patiobolt or rod (included with every pet door) that is simply cut and laid in the track behind the sliding door to wedge it against the pet door (for security). 

Hence, the Pet Door only option is popular with renters and/or those who plan on putting it in the laundry, for instance, and are happy not to use the screen door and/or do not want to put any screws into the sliding door frame as required when transferring lock mechanisms in the Max Security package installation. The Pet Door Only can be installed and removed in seconds. Feel free to watch the third video re fast-fit installation on the home page below to see it in action.    

Remember: If you want to LOCK the sliding door to the pet door using the existing locks AND/OR want to be able to use your screen/security door, then you need to purchase the Screen Door Adapter accessory at the checkout process (Base model pet door). We used to refer to the Base Model as the MAX security package until we invented the PatiolockTM model.   

If you are not fussed about using the existing sliding door locks to lock the pet door to the sliding door and/or it is going in a laundry, then you could just select the pet door on its own and not select the Screen Door Adapter at checkout. The fast-fit option (Pet door only) starts from only $229 including delivery*. 


If you have any questions, use the contact us link and we will get back to you asap.


Order NOW to get freedom for you and your pet!