Warranty & Returns


Pet doors ordered after June 2015 come with a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase for the original buyer/address and this includes the flap. Please note damage by your pet or by moving/re-selling and general wear is not covered.

To date, we have not had a return and we do not expect to get any because our doors are over-engineered and build quality is supreme. 



Returns are accepted if there is a fault with the product and we will also refund the freight. We can offer this without hesitation because we make a great product and do not tend to get complaints. 

Please take the time to measure your pet, your sliding door opening space and your lock type to ensure you order the correct size and product. Due to the size, weight and nature of a glass product, returns can get expensive due to overall courier costs and restocking fees (for unopened products). If you have opened your door/adapter then please contact us to discuss options. 


Privacy Policy

No payment details or payment information is kept or stored in any manner. Order details and contact details are not forwarded on to any other party. All customer information remains confidential.  



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