About Us

We have been supplying Australian families with sliding pet doors since 2005. We are based in Adelaide and have also opened an outlet in Queensland in 2016.


We are an innovative company that see ourselves as the leaders in Pet Doors for Aluminium Sliding Doors globally.


We have patented designs and our doggie door for glass doors is the only one in the world that can lock itself into the frame so you get security without screwing holes in the sliding door or pet door. We also have the only patented adjustable door jamb accessory so you can also use your screen door without cutting.  


Our sliding door dog doors offer independence for pets and their owners. We value being involved in creating this opportunity for freedom, and like the idea that we have played a role in reducing stress levels in people and their four-legged friends.  


We also value giving back to the Australian community by paying forward some good deeds, so we sponsor:


- Guide Dogs for the Vision Impaired. We currently sponsor 'Buddy' and 'Olive' in their training program.

- Guide Dogs for children with Autism Spectrum Challenges

- Animal rescue centres 


Some customers will find it interesting to know that when they purchase one of our patio pet doors they are contributing to the cycle of giving by supporting both pets as well as people who benefit from their warm intelligence and therapeutic presence.


Our mission is to continue to make the best pet doors for sliding doors with the ultimate in security and convenience and thus continue to contribute to pets and their owners/lovers throughout Australia (including remote and regional areas!).


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